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The Wild Center History Museum of the Adirondacks

“Aaron Topfer provided the music for our daughter’s wedding at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake, N.Y. He is a most talented musician who will also provide DJ music and have your reception flow seamlessly. Moving from the synagogue where he played keyboard magnificently accompanied by violin, to cocktails where he provided a wonderful jazz trio, more live dinner music followed by the best DJ reception I have ever heard. All of the music was outstanding. He is a pleasure! The Bride and Groom were thrilled.”

~Linda Geroff {Mother of the Bride}, Fani & Robert Bettman, The Wild Center {Tupper Lake, New York}

Jack’s Oyster House Restaurant in Albany, New York

 “Hi Nik Shukla,  We had a great time!!!  We commend you for dealing with two people who are very much in love, who wanted a great wedding, and who did not have the time or inclination to plan it all out. We applaud you for persistence in asking a bunch of questions related to how our night should go, when we ourselves did not have a concrete vision. After coaxing and questions, you developed a wedding plan for the evening that we could not have achieved without your patience and insight, and it was a plan that matched our style and level of comfort with the party that we wanted!  Our specific needs required you to be sensitive and you were a DREAM COME TRUE!   All guests, including BRIDE and GROOM had a fantastic time, and our diverse crowd of the 3 year old up to the 85 year old, with all in between, offered generous praise for our thoughtful planning, and this is all due to you! THANK YOU! While we don’t anticipate planning another wedding in the near future, we certainly would recommend your service to anyone planning a major event!  Robin :-)”

~Robin & Michael Zisa, Jack’s Oyster House Restaurant {Albany, New York}

The Candlewood Inn in Brookfield, Connecticut

“Dear Aaron, Thank you so much for your services at our wedding! Our guests raved about the music and what a good time they had! Michael and I were extremely pleased as well, we thought the entire day was perfect. Your piano playing was beautiful during the ceremony and cocktail hour. During the reception, your emcee skills were great and the music you played definitely brought everyone to the dance floor! I would highly recommend your services to anyone having a wedding, especially if they want the entire musical package, it makes life alot easier!! I would also strongly urge couples to use a musician/dj, rather than just a dj company, when researching their wedding needs. Thanks to you, we had the elegant, classy, and fun wedding that we dreamed about!”

~Amy & Michael Doucet, Candlewood Inn {Brookfield, Connecticut}

The Historic Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts

“Aaron was the DJ we hired for our June wedding. We could not have made a better choice or a better investment. After speaking with Aaron the first time on the phone, I knew he was very professional and would work with us to create a memorable, wonderful, and dance-filled reception.

I expressed a bit about my vision to Aaron in that conversation: my fiance and I did not want a DJ who would make it his/her own show, talk over the music, play ridiculous “wedding” songs (i.e. the chicken dance, macarena, etc.), etc. Our vision was to hire someone professional who would play music that would draw our guests to the dance floor. Aaron was very honest and thoughtful in his response to my concerns and, perhaps it was his politeness and succinctness which assured me that he could deliver on his promise to create our vision for us. We could not have been more pleased with Aaron.

Aaron was the epitome of professional in any manner I dealt with him. He was fully prepared with the questions he asked us prior to the wedding; also, having met with him in the few weeks before the big day gave us all the chance to smooth out the details.

We additionally paid for two extra musicians at the cocktail hour and to play for dinner hour. Being a professional musician himself, Aaron selected two other amazing and talented professionals to play with him. Hands down, this was the best “unnecessary” expense/purchase we made for our wedding. All of our guests have commented on how classy it was to have a live jazz trio at the cocktail hour/dinner hour. I heard from my guests that people even started dancing to the jazz trio at the cocktail hour! I highly recommend this service – my fiance and I were beyond pleased with this addition.

Aaron is such a pleasure to work with. He was very flexible about everything. I had hoped to sing for my fiance, but was feeling nervous. Aaron simply checked in with me a couple of times during the reception to see how my nerves were – I appreciated his sensitivity and accommodating nature.

We could not have invested our money in a better way. Aaron took our suggested play list and elevated it to something magical. Our guests keep telling us that Aaron was the best DJ they’d ever encountered. What they echo is what my fiance & I experienced first hand: Aaron played excellent music to get all ages up and dancing. I don’t think anyone was left in their seats!

If you are considering hiring Aaron, do it! He is the perfect DJ and musician. He is very committed to providing you with the experience that you envision and fully delivers on that commitment. I cannot express my gratitude to him and his fellow musicians for making my wedding day so very perfect!!”

~Rachelle & Kevin Donoghue, Hawthorne Hotel (Salem, Massachusetts)

The Bond Ballroom in Downtown Hartford, Connecticut

“Dear Nik Shukla,

We apologize for the delay in writing to you, but wanted to wait and find the time to give you the thank-you you deserved for the outstanding service we received for our wedding. Both of us were extremely happy and delighted with the musical entertainment you provided at our wedding reception, which helped make our special day just perfect.

Friends of ours got married a few weeks before we did and like us, they were very specific about what music they wanted to hear. Unfortunately, despite their DJ telling them he would play their request list and not play certain ‘wedding songs’ they did not like, he in fact did the opposite. Although they enjoyed their wedding, they were very disappointed with the music at their reception. Having heard this story about other DJs, we were apprehensive. It was therefore so reassuring to speak with you before our wedding and go over all the songs we didn’t want to hear and suggest to you so many songs and themes for the evening that we wanted to hear. We are sorry this conversation took-up 2 hours of your time, but we really appreciated it! We also greatly appreciated the opportunity to have this discussion and plan the music with you as we are both very particular about our musical taste.

The music planning guide you sent us was great! We could put all those cheesy wedding songs on the ‘Do Not play list’. We would also like to commend your modesty in embracing us suggesting and supplying songs and play lists over the evening and following through with this promise. I very much doubt most DJs would have allowed us to send 5 CDs of suggested songs – and thank you for checking all of them and taking the effort to replace one of the songs on the CDs that skipped. It was great to hear so many of our favorite songs (including the obscure ones) played during the evening and not just the choice of the DJ.

Your thoroughness was excellent! Even the banquet manager at the reception in our pre-wedding meeting went through your wedding plan to work out timings and order of proceedings. This and our planning meeting meant the flow of the evening was just as we had wanted. When we both arrived after our pictures, we were excited to see how the reception looked and see people enjoying themselves. We then both realized; “he’s playing Travis!” It was great to spend a couple of minutes looking down on our wedding reception and hearing the exact songs we wanted – it made for the perfect atmosphere.

We would also like to thank your professionalism throughout the evening. The sound system and lighting were excellent; your ‘emceeing’ was as we requested understated and not cheesy; and it was very good of you to help out our other vendors get their meals, etc; allowing us to enjoy our evening. Thank you also for your professionalism in respecting our ‘Do Not play list’, especially in the face of constant drunken requests and politely explaining it was our choice!

Nik, we both wish to thank you for helping to create the perfect ambience for our wedding reception. You did exactly what you said you would do, and exactly what we had asked for, at the price we agreed. I wasn’t sure if a DJ was going to be so honest and respectful, but you certainly were and went a whole lot further. You did a great job and were the perfect choice. We’re only getting married the once, but if we were able to, we would definitely hire you again!!!

We wish you every success in the future and thank you once again!”

~Abby Wolfson & AJ Bownas, The Bond Ballroom {Hartford, Connecticut}

Anita & Ron on Their Wedding Day!

“Aaron:  Thank you SO much for doing such a wonderful job of DJing at our wedding reception!  Everyone raved about the music and several people told us that they ended up dancing more than they intended to because every time they got set to leave, a new song they love was played.  We know that your quiet, unobtrusive attention to what songs worked–and your willingness to adhere to our preferred playlist–had everything to do with this.  Not to mention, your amazing wedding music planner–which made it so easy to select music that everyone would enjoy.  And your blending of Bhangra Indian music and American tunes work beautifully.  We only wished we both were able to personally hear piano playing at our cocktail hour!”

~Anita & Ron Tucker, The Old Tavern at Grafton {Grafton, Vermont}

The Red Lion Inn in Cohasset, Massachusetts

After dealing with a number of vendors (from photographers to reception halls) that were largely unresponsive and difficult to work with, it was a relief to deal with Aaron. He is a true professional. Planning a wedding is stressful enough without having to worry about whether people will call you back, be on time, and provide the service they advertise. Aaron recognized the stresses of planning a wedding and made sure everything was taken care of on his side of things. He called when he said he would call, and he arrived on time and professionally dressed. In addition to this, he went above and beyond, helping us pick music to dance to with our parents, choosing a final song, and the handling of special requests etc.

As for the music at the event, the announcements, and the handling of dances… Aaron’s knack for making everything flow was second to none. We were making changes to how the wedding party was being announced AT the reception, and he took it in stride without a hiccup. His ability to fade music in and out when our first dances were ending was flawless.

When the dancing started after our meals, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. My family doesn’t normally dance a TON, but it seemed that the floor was packed from the beginning right up to the last dance. I truly believe this is a testament to Aarons knowledge of music, and his choice of music really got people dancing, and then kept them dancing.

In short, I would strongly recommend Aaron Topfer for a DJ of any important event. From the DJs at my proms, to all the weddings I’ve been too, I’ve never seen another DJ that could match any part of Aarons performance.

~Margaret & Matthew McCarthy, Red Lion Inn {Cohasset, Massachusetts}

Lake of Isles near Foxwood Resort

“Aaron was amazing. The music was everything that my husband and I wanted. The ceremony, the dinner reception and the dance party all flowed together. Our guests where impressed with his music selection and the way the night seemed to be one endless party. Aaron was very accommodating and worked with us to provide the best for our family and guest.”

~Katie & Derek Whitley, Lake of Isles {Stonington, Connecticut}

The Hyatt Harborside Hotel overlooking Boston

“Dear Aaron:  I just wanted to thank you for making our June 7th wedding exactly what we wanted.  From the live orchestra music at the ceremony, to the jazz quartet at the cocktail hour and start of the reception, to your dj-ing for the remainder of the reception, your music was perfect!  Planning with you was so easy!  You made us feel at ease from the moment we first spoke, and you made clear that your job was to listen to us and execute on our ideas and desires.  You also made it simple for us to work with you from across the country.  You were able to offer us one-stop shopping for all our musical needs for the entire wedding day.  It was great to be able to work with just one person who could put together a wide array of live music options, as well as dj.  This way we were able to affordably have live music at our ceremony, a different set of musicians for the cocktail hour and initial dancing, and then a dj for the remainder of the reception and modern music.  It was a perfect combination!  The music at all times sounded great and was exactly what we were looking for.  The teams of musicians you put together to play with you at the ceremony and cocktail hour were fantastic.  We have received compliments from so many guests including our parents!  The next day at the hotel we ran into non-wedding guests who told us that they had stopped to listen to the music and how great it was.  Your djing was precisely the non-cheesy tone we were trying to achieve.  You played great music, and kept the dance floor going, with minimal interruptions.  Thank you for working with us and we would be happy to serve as a reference for any couple considering using your services.”

~Dr. & Mrs. Jay & Marla Goodman Zink, The Boston Hyatt-Harborside Hotel {Boston, MA}

Autumn & Michael on Their Wedding Day!

“This letter is in regard to Aaron Topfer, musician and DJ/master of ceremony. Mr. Topfer was hired to perform at our wedding in Vermont. Our first contact with Mr. Topfer was approximately one year before the wedding. We initially found his web page while performing a search for wedding musicians. Living in Colorado, much of our planning was done long distance, and not being familiar enough with the area we were to be married presented a difficult and potentially frustrating or failing task. Therefore, rather than sifting through the phone book and choosing an unknown name without any identifying factors, we turned to the web. We both assumed our search would turn up empty, or present us with quality individuals who were either too expensive or too far away. Fortunately, this was not the case with Mr. Topfer. Several things influenced our desire to contact Mr. Topfer. To begin, his web site listed his background, credentials and his travel radius. All of which were pleasing, but what really drew us in were the testimonials from previous clients. Many of them wrote wonderful, honest stories about their experiences, and each strongly endorsed his work . After contacting him, we immediately knew he would be terrific. Not only were we impressed with his professionalism, but also with his willingness to work with us, offer suggestions and provide examples and anecdotes from previous weddings. In particular, was his ability to understand our personalities and to meld them with our reception size, location, and time of day to formulate a musical template for the event. Our wedding day was wonderful for several reasons, and Mr. Topfer certainly contributed to that. Always professional, he arrived early and was set up well before the ceremony. As a pianist, he was spectacular as he guided the ceremony through the prelude, processional, communion and recessional. Throughout the cocktail hour, he continued to play a wonderful array of contemporary and classic music, and in doing so established the mood for the afternoon. In addition to this, he emceed the reception and was our DJ for the evening. Throughout the day, Mr. Topfer was a truly vital presence and well exceeded our expectations. Without hesitation, I give Aaron Topfer my highest recommendation, and would encourage anyone to seek his services. Not only is he a wonderful person to work with, but his work, preparation and professionalism are unmatched. It is a pleasure knowing that when we look back to our wedding day, he will be one of the individuals who made it truly special.”

~Michael & Autumn Outslay, Lilac Inn {Brandon, Vermont}

The Tourtelle Inn in New Haven, Vermont

“I had the pleasure of working with Nik Shukla, Aaron’s partner. He did an amazing job of coordinating the music for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. He had excellent ideas for pieces that sounded nice together for the ceremony, and was incredibly flexible with the music he provided for the cocktail hour and reception. He allowed my husband and I to hand over our laptop with a certain live band’s show we wanted to have played for the cocktail hour. He also was able to find some obscure Bollywood songs on iTunes for the guests at our wedding. He was completely professional and honored our “do-not-play” list to the tee. Nik did a truly fantastic job, and is indeed dedicated to his business and performance.”

~Jennifer & Praneet Menon, Tourterelle Inn {New Haven, VT}

The Inn at Essex in Essex Junction, Vermont

“My husband and I used Aaron as our musician and DJ for our August Wedding.  His piano playing was stunning and enjoyed by all the guests before the ceremony.  My wedding coordinator was worried that we had to get all the girls down the aisle in a set amount of time to fit into the length of the selected music.  However, with Aaron, I was able to assure her with confidence that he would adjust the music appropriately to our pace.  When I made my entrance, his music felt as jubilant as I did!

Switching over smoothly to his role as the DJ for the evening, he made excellent selections to accompany dinner, without overwhelming conversation.  He introduced our bridal party perfectly, pronouncing each name accurately and kept the flow of the reception on track.  The floor was full all evening with children through grandparents dancing away.

Aaron is a true professional, and a talented musician.  Any bride and groom would be lucky to book him for their special day.  I didn’t get the opportunity to speak to Aaron until the reception was well under way.  I was so impressed that without any outside instruction or assistance he set up his DJ equipment in the reception space, and his piano and audio equipment on the ceremony lawn.  I was able to enjoy my evening and dance away fully comfortable that everything was in his capable hands.”

~Virginia & Tom, The Inn at Essex {Essex Junction, Vermont}

Viola & Zach

“To anyone cosidering hiring a DJ, pianist, or BOTH for your wedding, you really can’t ask for a better performer than Aaron.  He is extremely in both areas, very professional, and a pleasure to work with.  When we told Aaron that we were envisioning a wedding that would require music be provided in four separate locations (including two indoor sites and two outdoor) he readily agreed.  He showed up with a mountain of equipment to complete this task, but it took him no time at all to have it all set – while he was wearing a tuxedo no less!  His performance was equally as impressive.  His skills on the piano are fantastic, and his mental list of songs is quite impressive and diverse in genre.  Probably what I was the most pleased with though was the tasteful manner in which he performed the DJ and emcee services.  I’ve gone to many weddings where the DJ is loud and obnoxious.  Aaron is neither.  In short, I would highly recommend Aaron’s talents to anyone who is considering him in their search for a wedding musician/DJ.  You, and your guests, will be glad that you did!”

~Viola & Zachary Henderson, Stowehof Inn & Resort {Stowe, Vermont}

Killington Vermont

“Everyone’s heard horror stories about DJs who kill the mood, play the wrong stuff, or seem to think it’s their day and won’t shut up. Aaron is none of these. We were so happy with him, and would use him again in a heartbeat. He has a planning guide that makes everything very easy. You are able to list all the specific songs and announcements you want, design the flow, and he will have everything printed out and with him at the wedding to ensure things go perfectly. They use a planning system where you indicate the types of music you like, the things that are absolutely do not play, and it sets the exact mood. Aaron knew just what to play when, and the single time that he played a song that didn’t work, he noticed right away, faded it out and played something else. Definitely use Aaron!”

~Stacey & Kevin Doyle, Killington Grand Hotel {Killington, Vermont}

The Stoweflake Inn in Stowe, Vermont

“Dear Aaron: I am writing to express my thanks for the wonderful jazz band you put together for our wedding and the excellent job you did as the DJ and Master of Ceremonies at the reception. Boolie and I loved everything you did and could not ask for anything more. In addition, I am writing to strongly recommend your services to future brides- and grooms-to be. Please use this letter for whatever you need. Boolie and I were married at the Stoweflake Resort & Spa in Stowe, Vermont. Aaron, and the band he organized, was extremely professional and talented, his equipment was high quality, and his product top notch. Our reception took place in two rooms a dining room and an atrium for dancing. This allowed us to fully utilize Aaron’s services. For dinner Aaron organized a four-piece jazz band and for the cocktail hour and reception he was our DJ and Master of Ceremonies. Boolie and I took a hands-off approach and allowed Aaron to do what he does best: entertain. We met briefly about a year and a half before the wedding to discuss our tastes and let Aaron do the rest. As promised, he took care of everything. His band arrived on time, well dressed, and ready to play. Our guests loved the live dinner music and some local folks even asked for Aaron’s contact information at the end of the night. Aaron’s DJ and Master of Ceremonies services were equally professional and high quality. Our guests enjoyed his music so much that we extended the reception by one hour. This did not present a problem for Aaron as he was willing and prepared to go as long as needed {With NO extra fees}. Finally, and most importantly, Aaron went out of his way to add a personal touch to our wedding music. Months before the wedding, my wife mentioned a song by an obscure, New Jersey-based band that we wanted as the last dance. We agreed to bring a copy, but forgot to do so in the hectic weeks before the wedding. Luckily, Aaron had already located and purchased the CD without our knowledge and surprised us with the song for our last dance. It was the little details like this that made our wedding great. It goes without saying that great music goes a long way toward making a wedding fun and memorable. It is equally important, however, to hire vendors like Aaron Topfer who are talented and dependable. Therefore, I highly recommend Aaron Topfer’s professional services for your wedding and other events as I would certainly hire him again for my next event.”

~Justin & Boolie Sluka, Stoweflake Inn & Resort {Stowe, Vermont}

The Hilton Burlington Hotel in Downtown Burlington, Vermont

“To Whom It May Concern: Aaron Topfer performed at our rehearsal dinner and our wedding. For our wedding, he played piano, accompanied by a wonderful violinist he recommended, for our ceremony, cocktails and dinner. After dinner he performed do/emcee duties. Both my husband and I were extremely pleased with all of the services Aaron provided for us. We were unable to meet with Aaron in person for the planning, but through emails and phone conversations, he was able to get a feel for the tone we were trying to set and thus the type of music we were looking for. His playing was beautiful and the music selections were exactly what we wanted. In terms of his do/emcee portion of the services, we did provide Aaron with a specific play list, which Aaron did play (I think he was also able to figure out our tastes from this list and incorporated that into his piano selections). Aaron was a professional emcee for us as well. We did not request much in the way of emcee duties, and Aaron was true to our request and was not intrusive at all. Additionally, he was open to requests from our guests and was very accommodating to them. I cannot begin to say how pleased we were with Aaron. When I look back on the wedding now, I know he was integral to the ceremony and reception being beautiful and wonderful. He has helped leave us with great memories of such a special day in our lives.”

~Sarah & Peter Wolf, Hilton Hotel {Burlington, Vermont}

The Park-McCullough House near Bennington, Vermont

“I am writing this letter of recommendation for Aaron Topfer because I couldn’t be more pleased with his services as the pianist and DJ for our wedding.   At a wedding, the music is absolutely crucial. It sets the tone for the entire evening. It was very important to my husband and me to find just the right person. We were married in Bennington , Vermont , and are from New York . We were worried we wouldn’t be able to find what we were looking for long distance. We were very lucky to have found Aaron who travels to the entire New England area at no additional cost. We were looking for a DJ that was going to be low key and unobtrusive. He was exactly what we were looking for. He kept the evening flowing without being overbearing. We received numerous compliments from our guests about Aaron. His piano playing during the cocktail hour was charming and beautiful. The guests were gushing over the ambience the piano created. He is truly an accomplished pianist. Not only were his services at the wedding stellar, but every contact I had with him in the months prior to the wedding, were most pleasant. He has a way of putting you at ease, and as any bride who is planning a wedding knows, it is important to be dealing with someone who is knowledgeable and informative, as well as accommodating, with a way of letting you know that everything will work out just fine. Aaron truly wants to make your day the way you have envisioned it. It is with no reservation that I would highly recommend the services of Aaron Topfer. He is a professional of the highest degree and a pleasure to have done business with. Thanks Aaron!!!”

~Janella & Mark Gaylord, Park McCullough House {Bennington, Vermont}

The Stratton Mountain Club in Stratton, Vermont

“We had Aaron play the piano for our ceremony and cocktail hour, as well as DJ during our reception. He did such a great job and the dance floor was packed all night. He played a variety of music for all ages, while at the same time really listened to what music we wanted played at the wedding. I have received so many comments about how the music at our wedding was awesome. I couldn’t be happier that he was part our of wedding, he made it that much better!!…”

~Cassie & Jason Vanasse, Stratton Mountain Club {Stratton, Vermont}

Riverside Farms in Pittsfield, Vermont

“Aaron did an excellent job at our VT winter wedding. He showed up on time (quite a while before our ceremony) despite a snowstorm! He incorporated all of our instructions, requests and ideas into his service for the night. We were surprised at how many of our guests of all ages came out and danced, and much of that was due to Aaron’s excellent selections. Thanks so much…” …From the Bride

“Aaron did an excellent job as our wedding DJ. He is very professional, thorough, and talented. He played keyboard and piano through our ceremony and cocktail hour/dinner and did an excellent job. He really incorporated our music ideas/suggestions into the music that he played for the dancing portion as well. Can’t say enough good things about his work, and would highly recommend him to anyone.” …From the Groom

~Tyler & Jennifer’s Winter Wedding at Riverside Farms {Pittsfield, Vermont}

Church Landing in Meredith, New Hampshire

“Dear Aaron:  I have been meaning to write to you since we got back from our honeymoon. Brian and I wanted to thank you for doing such a fabulous job at our wedding.  The piano music at the ceremony was beautiful and so many of our guests commented on “Clocks”  by Coldplay at the end of the ceremony! It was played exactly how we imagined it and was such a special and meaningful part of our ceremony. People are still talking about it! We had an absolute blast at the reception…everyone was dancing the entire time and had so much fun! We felt that you really paid attention to what we envisioned our wedding night to be and executed it even better than we could ever imagine.  We were happy to refer our friends to you and you can count on many other referrals along the way!!”

~Diana & Brian Segool, Church Landing {Meredith, New Hampshire}

“Aaron is extremely professional, we didn’t have to worry about anything. The ceremony music was perfectly timed and just what I wanted. The reception was so much fun our guest had the best time! There was barely anyone sitting at the tables for most of the night they were all on the dancefloor! The music is a huge part of your big day. We really felt it was important that we had someone who was experienced and could just take care of all the details, that is exactly what we got. I even gave Aaron some kind of rare songs that we wanted incorporated and he had them within minutes no problem. Definitely would recommend.”

~Rebecca & Doug Nichols, Church Landing {Meredith, New Hampshire}

“Aaron was the dj for our wedding and also played piano at our cocktail hour (for no extra charge)! If you are looking for a non-cheesey, professional dj that actually listens to what you want and follows through with what you discussed, he’s your guy. My husband and I were so pleased with his services. We honestly could not have asked for better!   You truly were one of the easiest most responsive of all the people I had to work with and Brett and I couldn’t stop raving to each other about how well you listened to what we wanted and actually carried it out with a graceful flow.  Thank you Aaron!!”

~Victoria and Brett Mayo, Church Landing {Meredith, New Hampshire}

“Aaron is extremely talented and provided beautiful piano music for our ceremony. He had another musician play the flute. Our guests asked us if our ceremony music was recorded because it sounded so nice. He also played piano during the cocktail hour and was very accommodating to what we wanted to hear. Aaron makes sure to speak at length before the wedding to get a sense of what we expected and how he could deliver it. Aaron also was the DJ for the entire night and knows how to play music to keep people on the dance floor. . . Aaron is talented, professional, responsive, and a value for the price you will pay.”

~Colleen and Mike Lacey, Church Landing {Meredith, New Hampshire}

Karyn & Kevin on Their Wedding Day!

“Aaron, We just wanted to take the time to thank you for the amazing job you did at our wedding.  The dance floor was hopping all night and everyone from our friend’s 18-month old daughter to my great aunt, had a blast-and that meant the world to us.  Thank you!  Karyn & Kevin”

~Karyn & Kevin Sibbernsen, Church Landing {Meredith, New Hampshire}

May 18th Review
~Jennifer & Daniel Sanford, Church Landing {Meredith, New Hampshire}

“Nik was our DJ for our wedding. This vendor has worked with our venue many times, which was the Chase House and it was helpful. They were all on the same page. He helped plan the evening perfectly and knows what he is doing. Thank you!”

~Rebecca & Andrew Bartlett, The Chase House {Meredith, New Hampshire}

“Hi Nik,  We wanted to write and say thank you for making our wedding a awesome fun dance party! We had so much fun and so do did our guests! Everyone was full of compliments about the music and your professionalism.  If we know of anyone looking for a dj we will be sure to recommend you!  Cheers,  Jillian and Brian.”

~Jillian & Brian Croteau, The Chase House {Meredith, New Hampshire}

Jessie & Khoa on Their Wedding Day

~Dr. & Mrs. Jessie & Khoa Tran, Searles Castle {Windham, New Hampshire}


~Allen & Bianka Wiggin, Alyson’s Orchard {Walpole, New Hampshire}

Olivia & Rich’s Wedding was Featured on!

“Dear Aaron, I wanted to let you know how very happy Tom and I were with all you did to make Olivia and Rich’s wedding the smashing success that it was! The music for the ceremony was lovely and original. When I heard the gentle sound of “La-la-lu” being played so tenderly on the piano, I was overcome with emotion. I am sure you may have thought this was an unusual request, and I thank you for playing it so wonderfully. It was a special lullaby I used to sing to Olivia when she was small. You coordinated the music perfectly, between the recorded pieces, accompanying Brittany for “My Heart is So Full of You”, and your piano playing, it all came together without a hitch. The emotion expressed by everyone, including the bride and groom, has created a life-long memory to be treasured.   I heard the grand piano and bass sounded fantastic! Thank you for providing the perfect atmosphere for the guests to start the celebration. The reception was fabulous from beginning to end, Aaron. Thank you for “going with the flow” with the antics of the wedding party, their impromptu floor show, etc. As you saw firsthand, Olivia and Rich have an extroverted bunch of friends who love to dance and sing. We so appreciated that you could stay for the additional time, that was terrific. The dance floor was packed all night, and you did a wonderful job of making the music flow and keeping the guests happy. I loved the way the evening ended, with their last dance and then into “The Best of Times” from La Cage. That was beyond words, just a moment in time we will always remember. I know how happy Olivia and Rich were – they loved every minute and didn’t want the night to end. We spoke of how wonderful everything was and how much it meant that you were so responsive to what they asked for and how the music both at the ceremony and all through the evening created an unforgettable wedding. Thank you so much, Aaron, I would recommend your services very highly to everyone, and I will do so whenever I am able! We appreciate your professionalism and courtesy, and we hope we are able to enjoy your music again in the future!”

~Jayne Petzy {Mother of the Bride, Olivia}, Olivia & Rich Binning, Searles Castle {Windham, New Hampshire}

Nicole, Brent, & Party on Their Wedding Day!

“Hiring Aaron was one of the BEST decisions my husband and I made during our wedding planning process. We hired Aaron the first time we met with him because we both had such a good feeling about his professionalism and experience as a DJ and Musician. We met with him about one year prior to our wedding and I was very happy with our decision. He was not about promoting himself; he was all about my husband and I and what we envisioned for our wedding day. When the wedding approached us, Aaron contacted us to discuss how to pronounce everyone’s name correctly and all the special touches we wanted for our BIG DAY. I thought this was very thoughtful of him. We decided to have a bag piper for our ceremony as well as Aaron play the piano for some of the special ceremonies like our Sand Ceremony and Rose Ceremony. It was absolutely perfect! We were very flexible with what kind of music we wanted Aaron to play. I just told him I wanted it to be fun and energetic. He told us that his talent is reading the crowd and making sure everyone danced the entire night, so I trusted him and gave a very limited play list. With all of the other things I had to do for our wedding, creating a play list was not the top on my list! I told Aaron things I definitely did not want played and songs that I definitely wanted to be played. That was it! We trusted Aaron with the rest, and we are so glad we did! He kept the crowd on the dance floor all night long! At one point my husband and I were dancing and we looked around and there was not one person sitting at their tables, it was amazing! We received so many compliments on how great of a job Aaron did and we will recommend him to all of our friends and family for future events. He was so flexible when it came to the wedding day. Our wedding was such a wonderful event that we will never forget and we owe a huge part of that to Aaron Topfer. He was a significant part in making our wedding a success and we couldn’t have been happier with our decision to hire him. They say your DJ makes or breaks your wedding, and Aaron will most definitely MAKE your wedding a day you will remember for the rest of your lives! We cannot thank Aaron enough for everything he did for us and will remember him forever! Thank again Aaron!”

~Nicole & Brent Little, Castle in the Clouds {Moultonborough, New Hampshire}

Zorvino’s Vineyards in Sandown, New Hampshire

“Aaron was awesome! He did exactly what we asked – staying away from the “do not plays” and playing the “must plays”. The whole wedding was a big dance party. Everyone was on the dance floor all night. I had so many people tell me it was the best/funnest wedding they have ever been to – that was in HUGE part to the music.”

~Meghan & Bryan Setzer, Zorvino Vineyards {Sandown, New Hampshire}

“Aaron is even better than all his wonderful reviews imply.  He REALLY knows how to keep people on the dance floor, is very professional and organized, and has, in our opinion, the perfect personality for a DJ.  He is wonderful.  All of our guests were up and dancing all night, nobody was leaving early, and this is all thanks to him.  He also played our ceremony music and cocktail hour, and he is a very talented pianists.  He is the perfect combo for someone looking for affordable live entertainment and an amazing DJ.”

~Kate & James Pietrovito, Zorvino Vineyards {Sandown, New Hampshire}

“Aaron was great! He is great at customizing things just for you. He is a DJ but he also plays piano which he did during our cocktail hour. We never had time to come up with a must play list for the reception but he somehow knew exactly what to play to get all our guests out on the dance floor. He was professional and quick to respond to emails/phone calls. He has one price that includes ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception music which actually turns out to be less than most djs when you combine the services.”

~Kimberly & Travis Long, Castleton {Windham, New Hampshire}

“Aaron, Thank you so much for everything you did for Travis and Kim’s wedding!  Thanks for being flexible when the weather was iffy.  I had never heard the music they chose for the ceremony or the reception before it actually took place.  You did exactly what you said and focused the ceremony on them and their chosen music.  I was so glad we got the horse and carriage so that her Amazing Grace song was played longer and more of the words were heard.  The reception music was great also and as you said you drew the attention to the couple and not to yourself.  There were sooo many compliments on the wedding and dance music.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  We would certainly recommend you to our family and friends.  Thanks again!”

~Janis Mosher {Mother of the Bride, Kimberly}

Whitney’s Inn in Jackson, New Hampshire

“I would give Aaron Topfer more than 5 stars if that were an option!  Simply put, he is amazing and absolutely wonderful to work with. He has a professionalism and work ethic unlike any other DJ out there and his value for the quality of service he provides is unmatched! Aaron played live piano at our cocktail hours in addition to DJ/emcee-ing our reception and everything was beyond perfect! He respected our “do not play” lists while keeping the dance floor moving all night- Aaron has the ability to get everyone out of their seats and really made our reception- I would HIGHLY recommend Aaron to anyone looking for a quality DJ/musician without all the gimmicks- he’s the best!”

~Jessica & Peter Joseph, Whitney’s Inn {Jackson, New Hampshire}

The Margate Resort in Laconia, New Hampshire

The Margate Resort in Laconia, New Hampshire

“My husband and I did a lot of research on every aspect of our wedding. Having 2+ years to plan, we had time to do it right. We met with several vendors on all bases, but we only met with one DJ – Aaron Topfer. Not only does he offer phenomenal DJ services, but he also played beautiful live music for our ceremony and cocktail hour. He showed up early to our wedding to ensure he had enough time to set-up, and he graciously moved his equipment to our after-hours pool party where he played music for an additional 2 hours after the wedding until 1am – at no extra cost! He is extremely professional and kept me updated often throughout our planning process – so helpful when planning a wedding as the bride always has so many balls in the air. Aaron made sure to have a detailed meeting with us prior to the wedding to confirm every single detail (and agreed to do it over the phone, which was helpful as we live in southern MA), down to the pronouncement of all the names in the wedding party. He accommodated our every request. We weren’t looking for someone to take over our wedding and ask for the guests to do cheesy table games and whatnot, and that’s exactly what Aaron did. If you’re looking for a DJ that interjects, or walks out onto the dance floor to mingle with guests, or gives a “stadium” presence, you won’t get that with Aaron – since we were looking for the exact opposite, Aaron fit the bill. We gave him a detailed listing of songs we enjoyed and he was able to use this as a basis for other songs based on how the crowd was reacting. I found myself never wanting to leave the dance floor to perform my bridal duties :). I received several compliments from the guests on the music, which was only proven by the packed dance floor from the second dinner ended to the moment we all got kicked out. I have already recommended him to a few of my friends who will be using him in the future, and he even provided me with a referral bonus. I promise you won’t regret hiring Aaron!”

~Chrissy & Ryan Mclane, The Margate Resort {Laconia, New Hampshire}

The Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hamphsire

“Aaron was just awesome. He listened to what we wanted for our Wedding Ceremony and Reception and did just that, exactly what we wanted. Aaron plays beautifully and all of our guests really enjoyed his beautiful music. We planned our New Hampshire wedding from Chicago and he was very flexible and easy to work with. His knowledge about all types of genre was very useful for our planning. We would highly suggest Aaron if you are looking for a talented musician/dj to help you entertain your guests in a very classy environment.”

~Christine & Timothy McCarthy, Mount Washington Hotel {Bretton Woods, New Hampshire}

The Wolfeboro Inn

“Aaron: We wanted to thank you again for your first class service as our music provider for our wedding reception. Though Greg and I were off site for photographs during the cocktail hour, we’ve heard so many compliments from our guests regarding the piano music you played. Not only did they love the selections, but thought the volume was perfect as well (which is a very important factor, especially during the cocktail hour!). Now for the Reception! You did an amazing job following our requests of likes and dislikes. You played a wide range of selections but they seemed to appeal to just about everyone. You even got Greg to dance…and he doesn’t dance…EVER! And, in addition, excellent work at keeping the evening moving along. From the toasts to the last dance, you announced each event in a clear and professional way. Lastly, we wanted to thank you for being easy and fun to work with. We will gladly offer your contact information to any and all of our friends who are looking for a talented, professional musician/DJ.”

~Chrissy & Greg Baier, Wolfeboro Inn {Wolfeboro, New Hampshire}

The Eagle Mountain House in Jackson, New Hampshire

“We were married in a beautiful ceremony in Jackson, NH.  The difficult part for us thought is that we did not reside in or around New Hampshire at all;  we are from the western part of New York.  Our only ‘real’ method of finding a musician or DJ was either word of mouth or the Internet.  Jodie did a lot of research.  She scoured the Internet look for possible people or companies who could play music (we were looking for someone to play ‘our’ songs on a CD) during the ceremony and then DJ the reception.  There many people who could perform the duties.  After much research and contacting quite a few companies in and around the area by phone, we found Aaron Topfer by an Internet search.  Aaron had a rare combination of being able to provide LIVE music (via his digital piano) for the ceremony and also become the DJ/emcee for the reception.  This unique combination sealed the deal for us.  As an added bonus, Aaron also played live music during the cocktail hour before actually transitioning to the reception.  We can attest to the difficulties of hiring someone via the Internet whom you’ve never met.  Clint certainly wasn’t willing to ‘sign-off’ on the whole deal until we met with Aaron.  It was great to finally him in person.  We must say that we found him INCREDIBLY helpful.  We had the song picked out that Jodie would walk down the aisle to, but we weren’t 100% sure what kind of music would fit as a pre-ceremony music.  This is where Aaron’s music background was again pivotal.  His background in music allowed him to pick pieces that flowed nicely with out choice of music for the processional.  What was even better was that he was able to play short excerpts of the music for us during our meeting so we could actually hear the actual music.  He certainly was well-prepared and we appreciated it!  He gave us excellent assistance on what music fit our style.  He asked us what ‘kind’ of wedding we wanted it to be, what the tempo should be like, the ‘emotion’ of the music, etc.  We can’t say how much we appreciated this.  It was above and beyond what you’d get from a ‘DJ Factory’ company.  One of the things we were MOST concerned about was the music at our reception.  The music DEFINES the reception!  We wanted it to be perfect (of course) and we wanted our ‘style’ reflected.  So from lists Aaron gave us we created 3 of our own lists:  a must play list, a ‘would like’ to play list, and a ‘do not play’ list of our 200 songs!  Aaron stuck to our lists religiously because he understands that it is our special day.  Many of our friends tried to get Aaron to play some of our ‘do not play’ list and he didn’t take their bait.  He also kept the party moving by mixing songs flawlessly – keeping the party hopping continuously.  Aaron played beautiful music before, during, and after our ceremony.  At our reception, he played the songs we wanted played, deftly mixed in a few great songs which were not on our list but our ‘style’ to add spice and variety, and did not play a single ‘do not play’.  Aaron’s professionalism, his skill at playing the keyboard, his talents as a DJ/emcee make it very easy to recommend him for your wedding.  We’re sure that the level of service he provides will far exceed your expectations!  He was truly great! Thanks to Aaron for helping to make our day such a GREAT event!”

~Jodie & Clint Dovholuk, Eagle Mountain House {Jackson, New Hampshire}

The Loon Mountain Ski Resort in Lincoln, New Hampshire

“Aaron, Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for being our wedding pianist and DJ! The keyboard sounded great during the wedding ceremony and in the reception hall during the cocktail hour. And thank you for being the DJ at our reception! It helped that we sat down with you prior to the wedding to discuss likes and dislikes to help you gage what type of music to DJ. You were also able to pick up on the music tastes of the guests and adapt as needed. We were very impressed both with the quality of music you played and your professionalism. Since the wedding we have received numerous comments from family and friends telling us how much they liked your music. The reception hall also asked for your contact information so they could recommend you to other couples looking to have their wedding at Loon Mountain . When we first started planning the wedding we were debating whether to go with a band or a DJ. We found that you provided the best of both worlds with live keyboard during the ceremony and cocktail hour, then DJ at the reception. The quality of music was exceptional and truly pleased our guests, all without breaking the bank. We found that you were also very prompt and organized, which made planning music for the wedding day much easier. Again, thank you so much for making our day so special. We enjoyed working with you and would recommend you to anyone in the future!”

~Suzy & Greg Seminara, Mountain Club at Loon {Lincoln, New Hampshire}

The Wentworth By The Sea Country Club

“Aaron, We want to thank you so much for such a fabulous performance at our wedding!  Every was just so perfect.  The ceremony music was exactly what we were looking for (even though we had a hard time describing it) and you nailed it perfect!  You and the Jazz Bassist that you hired played such a wonderful cocktail hour.  It really helped to set the tone of the reception and it was perfect to keep our guests mingling and socializing while we took pictures.  The reception music was also a huge hit.  The majority of our guests were on the dance floor all night long!  We really enjoyed your laid-back approach to announcements, too.  You were not overbearing by any means which we really appreciate. You did a great job at working the crowd with the with the music and we received many compliments that people had the most fun of Any wedding at our weddings.  Thanks again, Andrew & Beth.”

~Beth & Andrew Raynor, Wentworth By The Sea Country Club (Newcastle, New Hampshire)

Ashley & Nick on Their Wedding Day!

“Aaron was a wonderful DJ. When we were searching for DJs, we wanted someone who would be able to provide music for both the ceremony and reception. The biggest thing for us was that we didn’t want someone gimmicky or too showy…Aaron was perfect. He played the music we asked for and went above and beyond with his own additions. The dance floor was packed all night, thanks to Aaron. He even checked in with us periodically to make sure everything was OK. My husband and I didn’t leave the dance floor all night…we had a fantastic time and we have Aaron to thank for the wonderful music! If you want a talented musician to play piano for your ceremony and cocktail hour and a fabulous DJ for your reception with no gimmicks – all for an amazingly affordable price – then Aaron is your man. We highly recommend Aaron Topfer’s DJ services….you won’t be disappointed!”

~Ashley & Nick Pelletier, Atkinson Country Club {Atkinson, New Hampshire}

The Stonehedge Inn & Spa near Nashua, New Hampshire

“Aaron was not only a consummate professional during the wedding, but was very responsive and helpful during the planning process as well. His background piano performance during our cocktail hour perfectly set the mood. During the reception, he acted as MC just the right amount, present and organized, but not interfering. As a DJ, he kept the dance floor filled from the time the plates were cleared right through to the last song. Aaron even performed a piano accompaniment during a serenade from me and my fraternity brothers to the bride! He was exactly what we were looking for: talented and experienced, and neither cheesy nor pushy.”

~Chris & Carol Burgess, Stonehedge Inn & Spa {near Nashua, New Hampshire}

The Red Fox Inn in Jackson, New Hampshire

“For our wedding day we had something very specific in mind for the music, but also something very difficult to find.  We wanted both live music for our ceremony and cocktail hour and a DJ for the dinner and dancing portion of the evening.  Aaron Topfer’s versatility fir our needs like a glove.  He fulfilled our goal- hiring one person for two jobs!  Not only did Aaron meet our needs, he exceed our expectations.  Our first meeting was in his home where he made us feel comfortable and relaxed while together planning the music for our “big day”.  He really wanted to learn more about who we were and what kind of wedding we envisioned to make all the music for the day personal and customized.  He put us in charge of the songs we did and did not want to be played during the reception.  This meant so much to us-there is nothing worse than having a song you despise played on “your” day.  Aaron exemplified extreme professionalism on the day of our wedding-he was dressed in the utmost attire;  he was friendly to our guests and adjusted the order of events based on our needs.  Aaron was there but did not make himself the life of the party like some DJs often do.  We were extremely happy with Aaron’s presentation, professionalism, and performance on our wedding day.  He is a very talented individual and you will find nobody out there like him in all of New England!  The best part about Aaron is that he is so affordable!  We thought the music decisions were going to be very difficult, but after hearing Aaron play, we knew he was the one for us.  Thanks to Aaron-the one thing we didn’t have to worry about on our wedding day was our music. You will not be disappointed with Aaron!”

~Kara & Dave Couture, The Red Fox {Jackson, New Hampshire}

“Aaron: Nick and I would just like to thank you for the wonderful job you did with the wedding music. The piano for the ceremony was absolutely beautiful; you are truly talented! Thank you for making the night run smoothly and getting everyone out on the dance floor. Your music selections were great, and really appealed to our variety of guests. We couldn’t be more satisfied with how the night went. Thank you for keeping everything elegant and classy. It has been a pleasure to work with you. We will definitely give high recommendations of you for those getting married in the future. Gratefully, Amanda and Nick.”

~The New Amanda & Nick Delich, Ski Esta Resort {Bethel, Maine}

Claire & Steven on Their Wedding Day!

“As far as Aaron’s piano playing for the ceremony, I had a specific version of Pachelbel’s Canon that I wanted to walk down the aisle to. Aaron not only learned it, he did it so quickly that he played it flawlessly when we sat down a month before the wedding (we only decided on our wedding date 4 months ahead of time). Also, his advice on the ceremony and reception was spot on.

As far as his DJ’ing, my husband and I are by no means experts, but we live in Los Angeles and basically spent our 20s going out to bars and clubs several nights a week. We have to say – Aaron is as good as any of them. During our approximately 4-hour reception, not once was the dance floor empty. He basically knew the perfect song to play at the right time. I have to admit – I was concerned when he initially said that he doesn’t do the gimmicks that a lot of other wedding dj’s do. What I realized during the wedding was he’s so good at his job he doesn’t need to use the crutches that other DJ’s rely on. The most important thing in a DJ whether it’s a party or at a bar is his/her ability to read the room and Aaron has it in spades.”

~Claire & Steven, Nonantum Resort {Kennebunkport, Maine}

Lindsay & Ben on Their Wedding Day!

“Aaron was AMAZING! He had everyone dancing all night! His pre-wedding planning techniques cover everything and he has an AMAZING list of music to look through. He really listens to the bride and groom to make the day perfect!  He did beautifully at the ceremony itself. He played the organ for the ceremony. His timing and skills were quite impressive.  I heard nothing but rave reviews of his cocktail hour piano playing as well. While we (the wedding party) were taking pictures, he entertained our guests with piano.   I recommend Aaron for both ceremony music and DJ services! Hes a two-fer, he’s a talented musician and a great DJ!”

~Lindsay & Ben Anderson, Portland Club (Portland, Maine)

~Layne & Andrew Cough, Private Event Site {Bar Harbor, Maine}

The Bar Harbor Inn

“We had the pleasure of working with Nik Shukla for our wedding. After reading many reviews for different DJ services, I found Aaron Topfer to seem the most in line with the type of party I wanted to have. They described themselves as not too flashy, in your face with props and announcements, and a completely respectful approach to the music you desired for your day. We learned that we would have Nik as our DJ, and right from the beginning he was very professional and inquisitive about the style and feel we wanted for the wedding. About a month out we had an in depth planning meeting, somewhat difficult to coordinate as we lived in Hawaii and were planning a wedding in Maine, but Nik was always flexible with both of our busy schedules and was kind enough to stay up later on his end to accomodate us. The planning session was extremely helpful, Nik was full of good ideas on what types of music would work best for the type of crowd we were expecting, but also gave us full control of the music we wanted. We put together a First Priority and Do Not Play List, which I would definitely recommend doing even if you think you’re not too “picky”. If there are songs that are important to you or that you just absolutely despise, make it clear as to avoid any complications on the wedding day. We had an outdoor ceremony, which I thought might be difficult as far as the sound system goes, but the ceremony music sounded great, even with stronger winds outside that morning. During the reception Nik was able to hook up our IPod to play some songs that were newer and that he didn’t have available. We spoke together just before the dancing began to make sure everything was right. Once the dancing began, Nik started with 60s/70s songs that we liked to get some of the older members of the crowd up and dancing, and then moved on to 80s, 90s, and newer dance songs. There was just the right mix of slow and fast songs, and we all had a blast dancing. I received many compliments on the music played after the wedding and how great the sound was (not too loud). Nik was extremely attentive and professional and very flexible with our schedules while we were still in Hawaii. You can tell that he cares about making your wedding perfect for you by the measures that he takes to ensure all of the details are exactly the way you’d like them. I’d recommend him to anyone who would like a more unobtrusive DJ who caters to the style of music that you would like, not his own preferences, while still making everything lively and loads of fun. Thanks again Nik!”

~Meghan & Tony Tebow, Bar Harbor Inn {Bar Harbor, Maine}

Amanda & Mike

“All of my girlfriends used the same DJ for all of their weddings… the music and overall feel of the reception resembled eachothers. I was looking for something new, fresh and completely different – it was Aaron. I decided to wing it and book him solely upon reading all of the incredible reviews and awards I found online. After having a phone call with him I booked him immediately – he was so professional and confident sounding over the phone. My husband and I met Aaron the week before the wedding to discuss details – he was so friendly and accepting to whatever ideas we threw at him. He played live piano during our outdoor cocktail hour – it was beautiful! I could hear some of my favorite songs being played while I was off having pictures taken. When it was time to line up the bridal party things were a bit hectic, Aaron was so calm in organizing us. We also had quite a few VERY tricky lasts name in which Aaron pronounced each one perfectly… a minor detail but very important to those who are involved. He was also able to play some songs I that my husband and I enjoy that are not mainstream at all – all songs I definitely wanted played were and the music all flowed wonderfully from slow songs to faster dance songs. He was not corny at all -he blended in perfectly and provided a perfect atmosphere to make our day so memorable. One thing that I really liked that he did was played our last 2 songs and then while the lights came on and people began to say ‘goodbyes’ Aaron softly played our ‘first dance’ song quietly in the back round – again, a minor detail but it meant alot to end the evening that way. I received SO many compliments on the piano music during cocktail hour and the incredible, fun, upbeat and wild dance floor! I will recommend Aaron Topfer to all my soon-to-be engaged friends- I truly believe that music can make or break a wedding.. Aarons experience and talent is what made our wedding reception exactly what we dreamed of……”

~Amanda & Mike Fyrer, Dockside Guest Quarters & Restaurant {York Harbor, Maine}

The Colony Hotel in Kennebunkport, Maine

“We dealt with Nik Shukla, not Aaron. Nik was VERY attentive and went way above and beyond to get to know us and make sure that we had all of the bases covered. He made sure to have everyone’s name correct, outlined the type of music we wanted him to play during the cocktail hour and reception, and made the effort to get to know us. We heard that everyone enjoyed the cocktail hour music and the dance floor was always full during the reception! We couldn’t have asked for anything else.  Thank you Nik!”

~Tammy & Dave Haschig, Colony Hotel {Kennebunkport, Maine}

Sarah & Gabe on Their Wedding Day!

“Aaron was amazing. We had him do our ceremony, our cocktail hour, as well as DJ our reception! We really couldn’t have asked for anything more. He was attentive and listened to what we wanted and what we didn’t. The dance floor was ALWAYS full and we really enjoyed the mix of music he was playing. He was extremely helpful before helping us make decisions on different music selections. It was great to have him just sit down and play the selections so we could hear them. We highly recommend Aaron to anyone looking for professional and classy DJ/musician.”

~Dr. & Mr. Sarah & Gabe Gordon, Portland Club {Portland, Maine}

The Breakwater Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine

“I would just like to say that now that you’ve found Aaron Topfer’s website, there is no need to look elsewhere. Aaron was great, from the first phone call until the end of the reception. Aaron returned my emails and first phone call within minutes, which is more than I can say about most of the vendors with whom we dealt. I would have paid three times what Aaron charged for his services which was much more than reasonable. I thought we got Aaron and his fellow musicians for a steal. I also doesn’t hurt that Aaron is just a really nice guy, who’s musicianship is top-notch, and his professionalism is just as sharp.  Choose Aaron Topfer, Nationally Award-Winning Musician/DJ, for your next event. You will NOT be dissappointed! Sincerely, Joe & Allison Fowler  Married in Kennebunkport, Me”

~Allison & Joe Fowler, Breakwater Inn {Kennebunkport, Maine}

Becky & Steve’s Wedding Day!

“Aaron, Thanks so much for helping make our wedding day so perfect!  The ceremony music was beautiful and playing throughout the cocktail hour kept everyone in high spirits.  Your DJing during the Reception was extraordinary…It was wonderful knowing everything was taken care of & being able to dance the night away.”

~Becky & Steve Dugas, Pineland Farms {New Gloucester, Maine}

The Portland Museum of Art in Portland, Maine

“Dear Aaron: Erin & I would like to thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job as the organist & DJ for our wedding.      From the moment we met you, everything was handled expertly and professionally. Your organ playing during the ceremony was sensational…we received several earnest compliments from our guests regarding the music. And we can’t thank you enough for accommodating our request for a violinist on such short notice {less than 2 weeks before the wedding!}…it really enhanced the feel of the ceremony. Your performance as a DJ at the reception was superb. You were professional and unobtrusive, but were also able to command the guests” attention when needed. You were very good about keeping Erin and me, as the well as the rest of the wedding party, informed of logistical details. The announcements went very smoothly. And I know Erin and I may have been a bit unique with our very specific playlist…we”re very thankful that you didn”t mind sticking to it! Everyone clearly had a blast! Thanks again for all your efforts. We feel very fortunate to have found you for our wedding. If we have an opportunity to hire you again sometime in the future, we certainly would not hesitate to do so. We are more than happy to recommend you to others as both an organist and a DJ. Thanks again.”

~Erin & Michael Heilig, Portland Museum of Art {Portland, Maine}

The Pier 77 Restaurant in Cape Porpoise, Maine

“Aaron, We just wanted to say thank-you for the AMAZING job you did at our Wedding.  You were so organized, professional, & unobtrusive.  You gave our party the structure it needed & we can’t thank you enough for getting our guests onto the dance floor.  Our diverse group of guests sang your praises & we couldn’t agree with them more.  We feel very lucky to have hired such a talented pianist/dj combination!”

~Shelley & Bryan Chabot, Pier 77 Restaurant {Cape Porpoise, Maine}

Clark’s Cove Farm in Walpole, Maine

“Mr. Topfer was an absolute pleasure to work with. He did a phenomenal job with the ceremony music, and was able to accommodate my selections of music. When we moved to the dance floor, he kept things hopping! Everyone enjoyed his dj style and music selections. Mr. Topfer’s expertise, professionalism and flexibility are all attributes brides-to-be look for in a vendor; I would highly recommend his services.”

~Karoline & Matthew Schmal, Clark’s Cove Farm {Walpole, Maine}

The Moosehead Lake Vicinity in Greenville, Maine

“Aaron was very professional and respectful of all our wedding day wishes. He understood what we were looking for and provided exactly that on our wedding day. He really know his music. I wanted a vintage feel during cocktail and dinner and he nailed that. Everyone was impressed by the selection of music and were even dancing early on. Later in the night when the party got going he had a great selection of dance music. The floor was packed the entire time which was what I really wanted…people having a great time and dancing. Great easy going guy that really knows what he’s doing. Highly recommend him!”

~Sarah & David Yates, Private Estate Overlooking Moosehead Lake {Greenville, Maine}

Erica & Joseph on Their Wedding Day!

“Dear Aaron: I wanted to write a short note to express our gratitude for all your work making our wedding the perfect day. Your professionalism made our special day have the elegance and class we strived for. The skills you possess as the master of ceremony made our day happen flawlessly; for that fact that you allowed us to enjoy our day, yet making sure all our requests happened in a smooth organized manner. We also wanted to add to any one wanting to use you in the future: the dance floor at our wedding was the place to be and that was for the one reason that Aaron knew how to keep the right music playing at the right time. We would recommend Aaron to anyone looking for a professional, organized, and seasoned Pianist and Master/DJ of ceremonies.”

~Erica & Joseph Elliott, Private Estate in Tenants Harbor, Maine

Diamond’s Edge Restaurant on Great Diamond Island, Maine

“Aaron did an absolutely wonderful job. We couldn’t have been happier with him. He did a great job with the wedding processional/recessional on his piano. Timing, speed, volume, everything was just perfect. My husband and I did not get the opportunity to meet with Aaron prior to our wedding. All Aaron had to work with was a list of a few songs and some bands. Aaron was able to read the audience, and play the appropriate songs at the appropriate times. Thank you, Aaron, for doing such a wonderful job. Everybody kept commenting on how much they liked the music. You also did a great job with the few announcements we asked of you. I would highly recommend you to any event.”

~Kristy & David Gauthier, Diamond’s Edge Restaurant {Great Diamond Island, Maine}

L’Auberge Ripplecove in Quebec Province, Canada

“I was incredibly impressed with Aaron’s knowledge, professionalism and amazing attention to detail. Music selection was very important to me. Aaron assured me he could completely customize my wedding with all my music choices from the ceremony through to the reception. After just one conversation with him, I had complete confidence in his ability to effectively DJ our wedding. I did not need to shop around. Moreover, his demeanor and ability to customize to our wedding needs balanced with his attentive and supportive nature which made dealing with Aaron so easy. It is rare to find someone so accommodating and pleasant to deal with. Not only did Aaron DJ our wedding and meet every detail of our requirements, but he also did a wonderful job of playing the piano during the ceremony, and playing the piano during the cocktail hour. We have had many people comment on how beautiful and special our wedding was, but the one consistent comment is how brilliant the music was and how talented Aaron is. He did a fantastic job keeping everything on schedule and ensuring that the entire dance floor was covered. On a side note, my husband and I were totally clueless on the musical needs during a traditional wedding ceremony. Aaron knew exactly what we were looking for, and within minutes of our first and only meeting, he was able to, on the spot, articulate and play samples of what we were looking for and help us to choose the perfect music for our ceremony. Aaron has an uncanny ability to make one feel extremely comfortable and help direct the entire wedding process in a gentile professional manner. There are lots of things that did not go as planned on our wedding day, but we knew Aaron would not let us down. Aaron was sincerely the most stable, trusted part of our wedding process, and I really appreciate how comfortable he had us feel. I am happy to recommend Aaron and more importantly, I would use him for any musician or DJ needs in the future.

~Marcia & Rick Berger, Auberge Ripplecove in Ayer’s Cliff, Quebec, Canada


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